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  • THE AMADEUS MYTH Mozart (1756-91) - Sandy Burnett
    THE AMADEUS MYTH Mozart (1756-91) - Sandy Burnett

    THE AMADEUS MYTH Mozart (1756-91) - Sandy Burnett

    Classical music reached a peak of perfection in Vienna during the last three decades of the Eighteenth Century, an era in which every aristocratic household worth its salt had a Kapelle or band of musicians to keep every-one entertained. In particular, the refined musical discourse of the string quartet was held to be the highest form of musical art; the elegant interplay of its various string instruments likened by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to “four intelligent people conversing”. In this talk, Sandy examines the perfect storm of circumstances that made this extraordinary era possible. He looks at selected excerpts of Classical elegance at its finest, and considers the remarkable figure of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a musician rightly prized – and mythologised – as one of the greatest ever known.

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  • Walgett Show
    Walgett Show

    Walgett Show

    2020 Walgett Show Update

    While there is still uncertainty with restrictions from COVID-19 a potential date for the 2020 Walgett Show has been found in the 19th-20th September 2020

    "While we don't know what will be happening down the track, following discussions of options and also looking at the timing of other local events, the 19th and 20th September is the weekend we could find for a potential postponed Walgett Show this year.

    We realise that things are uncertain with COVID-19 and it might  not be possible or safe for a Walgett Show to go ahead at that time, but for now we have a potential new date and will see how things go and keep you posted.

    We are thinking of everyone during this challenging time and appreciate the encouragement and assistance from the ASC od NSW and Group 1 (North West Shows) our Showmen's Guild people, Walgett Shire Council and all of our valued supporters and participants and the community". 
    Walgett Show Society.

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